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The last casino reviews play slot machines free no download In some casino movies, it can be difficult to effectively portray the emotions of players as they gamble given the internal conflict.

Based on actual events in the late s in one of the last mob run casinos in Las Vegas. Steve a rising star at a Las Vegas casino is the main character. Much to the dismay of the competition he lands the prized position as Baccarat shift manager. He also inherits Bernie, Liverlipsthe hulking and much-feared Baccarat pit boss.

Steve soon discovers that a few partners and the last casino reviews henchman Bernie, unknown to their big mob bosses in St. Louis, are involved in illegal skimming from the Baccarat pit. Later he learns those illegal funds are used to finance lay-off interstate bookmaking PLUS a sophisticated hi-limit poker cheating scam.

In an effort to unravel that complex web of corruption, Steve begins misissippi casinos firing one of the involved dealers. Enraged, Bernie tries but fails to have Steve fired, then orders the first of three assassination attempts on Steve. When local toughs fail on the first two tries, Bernie calls in mob hit men to finish the job.

Their shotgun ambush also fails but wounds Steve and his two sons. After violently confronting Bernie, Bernie utters a few words that change the entire situation. But the bosses are about to have some serious trouble of their own. Unknown to them the Feds plan to raid the casino while the St. Louis mob has the same idea, the last casino reviews strange combination that creates a string of striking, dramatic events.

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THE LAST CASINO Original Title: The Last Casino - Canada Genre: Scams at the casino Director: Pierre Gill Music: Carl Bastien et Martin. Released in , “The Last Casino” was a popular made for TV film in Canada. Starring Charles Martin Smith, Katharine Isabelle, Kris. The Last Casino. Genres: Drama. There are no reviews for this film. You can write a review by pressing the "review" button above. Votes are used to help.

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